Changing destiny Rise of the underdog
Changing destiny Rise of the
Drivers deserve to rise two levels in life socially and financially and they shall achieve it.

Bridging the gap


जुड़ो (Unite)

Unity of drivers nationwide is at the core of our social movement to uplift them.

लड़ो (Fight)

Force of unity will help them better advocate their causes in a democratic setup.

बढ़ो (Arise)

Holistic progress will improve their financial status and prepare them for life ahead.

Union Activities
& Concerns


Enrol drivers from across the country as members through Yaanam app.


Doubling driver income and ensuring their prosperity is our foremost goal.


Take up driver issues with the authorities and resolve them.


Undertake campaigns and use various innovative tools to achieve success.


Discuss issues with drivers using Yaanam app for democratic functioning.


Participate in deliberations on proposals by the govt. impacting drivers.

Support Drivers

Helping drivers in time of need and against corruption, exploitation, touts.


Conceive and implement schemes for the welfare of drivers and their families.


Interns and social workers conduct research on practices around the world.


Our Safety Committee helps authorities take measures for safe travel.


Our Security Council works for the security of society against bad elements.


Soft skill and home management training are two important union's functions.

Help us bring the

Change we need


that Chaalak Shakti is
currently working on


Delhi has 402 auto stands and 517 taxi stands which are meant only for black and yellow taxis against a combined need of 21,000 auto taxi stands. 511 auto stands notified in 2019 were never erected. Drivers are challaned left, right and centre. This must change.


Auto and taxi fare is controlled by the state governments but they make a shoddy job of it. Drivers should be liberated from fare restrictions and they should be permitted to set their own prices through their unions, cooperatives and corporates.


We welcome the introduction of e-autos but the implementation by the government has been very poor. The result is that only 211 e-autos were regd. against the availability of 4261 e-autos by 30.04.2022, the last date. The scheme has essentially failed.


I have spoken to many passengers and drivers alike on various issues and the regulatory regime they operate in. We are astounded to learn of the many challenges, difficulties and issues confronted by a driver on road. The system is itself exploitative. Your website helps me see drivers in a new light. They have my vote if they aspire to a new improved and forward-looking life.
Rajiv Kumar
President, Pardarshita

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Change begins with our citizens supporting right issues and campaigns

A society progresses when people in a privilege pull up their brethren who are at a disadvantage, and when they have no personal stake in the rise of a people facing misfortune.

Large scale reforms in society have come from galvanizing of masses around a core very powerful idea. “Rise of the Underdog” is one such idea that can impact half of the country’s population.


Doubling their incomes is our foremost objective


Uplifting from lower to middle class status

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