Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

The objective of digital literacy program is to ensure digital literacy for drivers for future security. Our trained counsellors who visit them for financial literacy and career development programmes will also provide lessons on digital literacy.


Digital literacy is not merely the use of a smartphone or the ability to order a thing or two. All or someone in the family can do that anyway. In today’s world, digital literacy can be life changing. We train and counsel drivers and their families on, inter alia, the following points:

  1. Receive as many fares as possible from passengers through UPI. Earnings received in bank are a record of income which helps in building a good financial profile.
  2. Use UPI instead of cash as much as possible. A bank statement filled with transactions makes a lender happy.
  3. Use Net-Banking for non-UPI transactions. We configure net-banking in their smartphones if needed.
  4. Order (one time) soft copies of all regular bills such as electricity, water, mobile, etc.
  5. Digitally keep and carry your personal and professional documents in DigiLocker including vehicle documents, insurance policies, government issued documents, etc.
  6. Link all your Smartphone data to your Gmail account so that the loss of phone is not the loss of data.

More guidance and advanced tips are provided through videos on YouTube channels.


Outgoing phone calls will be made and WhatsApp/SMS will be sent repeatedly according to a timetable to serve as reminder.


At 2 home-visits per day, a counsellor can impact upto 40 drivers and their families by interacting with them on 1-1 basis.