Objective of this program is to create awareness on employment or education options and access to competitive loans for education and entrepreneurship.

Essentially, a driver needs a lot of handholding in order to rise up in life, and that is what we intend to provide on 1-1 basis.

Our counsellors have background in social work (BSW OR MSW) or counselling (Psychology) and are trained over a period of two weeks to make home visits to drivers. Each counsellor visits the families of two drivers in a day. She primarily provides extensive guidance on employment-


  1. Detailed family profiling along with photographs
  2. Intensive employment-oriented education counselling – often, lack of knowledge proves detrimental to decent growth avenues
  3. Career options and skills training available to them in jobs or micro entrepreneurship often, skilling can be free of cost under one or the other government scheme
  4. Access to formal education and entrepreneurship loans at competitive terms

Everything is fully documented (digitally, later) and photographed.

A separate team works on content updates, usually in video format, which are digitally disseminated to our target audience. Usually, new videos uploaded on YouTube channels are the preferred mode and intimated through WhatsApp messages or SMS.


We will form partnerships with a few specialised organisations for education, training and entrepreneurship interventions.


A single home-visit will be hardly sufficient to change or inculcate habits. Counsellors will make regular calls to every visited driver and his family members to check on the progress made and if any alterations are needed. Assistance will  be provided, where needed, in accessing the services of institutions recommended by us. A complete written record of all interactions with a beneficiary will be maintained.

Outgoing phone calls will be made and WhatsApp/SMS will be sent repeatedly according to a timetable to serve as reminder.


At 2 home-visits per day, a counsellor can impact upto 40 drivers and their families by interacting with them on 1-1 basis. Follow-up interactions over phone or drivers visiting us will be additional. Remaining days are reserved for follow-ups and inbound visits.