Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an essential skill for everyone, including autorickshaw and taxi drivers. Understanding basic financial concepts and managing personal finances can make a significant difference in the financial well-being of drivers and their families. In this article, we will explore the importance of financial literacy for drivers and provide actionable steps to develop it. Additionally, we will discuss the important role played by housewives or women of these drivers in uplifting their families’ financial status.

For many autorickshaw and taxi drivers, finances can be a significant source of stress. It can be challenging to manage their income and expenses, especially with the uncertain nature of their work. Many drivers struggle to save for emergencies or long-term goals, which can lead to financial insecurity and debt.

Financial literacy can help drivers to manage their finances effectively and achieve their financial goals. It involves understanding basic financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, debt, and investing. Financial literacy can help drivers to plan for the future, protect themselves from financial scams and fraud, and make informed financial decisions.

One effective method of teaching financial literacy to drivers is through financial education programs. These programs can provide drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their personal finances effectively. Financial education programs can cover topics such as budgeting, saving, debt management, and investing, as well as scams and fraud prevention.

Another approach to developing financial literacy is through peer-to-peer learning. Drivers can learn from their peers who have already developed financial literacy skills. Peer-to-peer learning can take the form of group discussions, workshops, or mentoring sessions. This approach allows drivers to learn from their peers’ experiences and gain practical insights into managing their finances.

Women of these drivers’ households can also play a significant role in uplifting their families’ financial status. They can help to manage household expenses, save for emergencies, and contribute to long-term financial goals. Women can also support their husbands by encouraging them to develop financial literacy skills and providing emotional support during challenging times.

Finally, drivers can seek advice from financial professionals to develop their financial literacy. Financial advisors can provide personalized guidance and advice on managing personal finances, investing, and protecting against scams and fraud. Drivers can also access financial literacy resources, such as online courses, books, or podcasts, to supplement their knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, financial literacy is a crucial skill for autorickshaw and taxi drivers in Delhi. By developing financial literacy skills, drivers can manage their personal finances effectively, protect themselves from scams and fraud, and achieve their financial goals. Financial education programs, peer-to-peer learning, and seeking advice from financial professionals are all effective methods to develop financial literacy. Additionally, the important role played by women in these drivers’ households in uplifting their families’ financial status cannot be overstated. By investing in financial literacy and receiving support from their families, drivers can secure their financial future and build a better life for themselves and their loved ones.


Our objective is to financially protect drivers and their families in times of earnings, access to competitive loans, and guiding them in maintaining a good financial profile.

Our trained counsellors have background in social work (BSW or MSW) or counselling (Psychology). Each counsellor visits the families of two drivers in a day. She primarily provides extensive guidance on employment-oriented education and career but use the opportunity for other activities.


  1. Detailed family profiling along with photographs
  2. Access to formal education and entrepreneurship loans at competitive terms
  3. Optimally managing their financial resources
  4. Maintaining financial profile so that it is attractive for good lenders – this is absolutely essential to skirt loan mafia to whom 9 out of 10 auto drivers fall prey
  5. Submission of ITR (0 tax return)
  6. Routing most of their incomes and expenses through banking channels

Everything is fully documented (digitally, later) and photographed.

A separate team works on content updates, usually in video format, which are digitally disseminated to our target audience. Usually, new videos uploaded on YouTube channels are the preferred mode and intimated through WhatsApp messages or SMS.


At 2 home-visits per day, a counsellor can impact upto 40 drivers and their families by interacting with them on 1-1 basis. Follow-up interactions over phone or drivers visiting us will be additional. Remaining days are reserved for follow-ups and inbound visits.