Drivers are often oblivion to the health issues they face, party out of ignorance and partly because they do not use certain faculties regularly even when they are important for their overall wellbeing.

We have identified three ailments that most drivers suffer from:

  1. Back problem – Acute in the case of autorickshaw drivers because of the design of the backrest.
  2. Eye diseases – Most drivers after a certain age cannot read properly but they neglect to get classes for they are not in the habit of reading in spite of being adequately literate.
  3. Dental issues – Dental issues are not neglected by the drivers but by the Indian population as a whole. This becomes a problem when it causes a smell in the vehicle.

In addition to the above three issues, the drivers do not spend money on complete body health check-up which is offered by various diagnostic labs at cost effective labs for under ₹1,000. For want of knowledge, the drivers often fail to benefit from various health care schemes of the Govt. of India like e-Shram.

These health issues faced by the drivers can be addressed by way of Health Camps organized at places they usually frequent. The level of redressal in these Health Camps (in the field) depends on the issue identified. Treatment may be given on the spot, or a prescription can be given, or the driver may be referred to an empanelled hospital, or, lastly he may be given free devices such as glasses.

Alliances will be formed with NGOs, public-spirited persons with relevant skills, hospitals and charities who can facilitate bringing in necessary infrastructure and skilled manpower/doctors for undertaking these activities.

Blood may also be collected on the spot for health check-up and the report may be downloaded later by clicking on a link transmitted through SMS/WhatsApp.

Any prescription, referral, recommendation made will be followed up with the driver either visiting us or making a call to us. Otherwise, the purpose of such Health Camps will be meaningless if such recommendations are not followed by drivers or not monitored by us.