Rise of the Underdog

Rise of the Underdog

Rich stay rich and the poor stay poor because the system that makes the world go round is in the control of the former who ensure that it serves them rather than the poor.

The interests of the two are often at loggerheads with each other. And the rich win – every time.

This needs to change. It is time for the poor to rise and take their destiny in their own hands and pursue the path of prosperity and happiness to the best of their abilities. The gap between haves and have-nots has to bridge.

This will become possible when two things happen:

  1. Some fundamental changes have to be made at a systemic level. Abolition of price controls and the permit system are those changes insofar as the drivers are concerned.
  2. The poor and underdogs are usually undersold. In order to rise above subsistence levels and meet their aspirations of growth and progress at least over a generation, they need to price themselves right over a period of time, notwithstanding the market dynamics which are bound to adjust to this new paradigm.

More will be added to this chapter In due course.