Our entire strategy is built around the objective of uniting all drivers of commercial vehicles in the country. A mass of 2 crore drivers solidly standing together can move the earth and heaven in pursuit of justice for themselves and for the world around them.

जुड़ो (Unite)

No mass movement can take off without the involvement of its stakeholders. We have identified the reasons why drivers across the country are not united and addressed them. Most of these reasons are dealt with by using an app called Yaanam which enables us to enrol members, manage their renewals, receive membership and other fees from the drivers (in future), provide them services of the union, engage with them on driver issues, and run the union end to end on the app’s SaaS platform. As a union, we can even conduct our internal elections on the app and be totally democratic and transparent in our functioning.

लड़ो (Fight)

Drivers cannot fight their battles individually but they can be a formidable force if united. We intend to galvanise them, mobilise them, and use the power of unity to organise multiple types of events such as rallies, jan sunwai, demonstrations, sit-ins, even strikes, etc. towards our stated causes.

बढ़ो (Arise)

Apart from resolving their trade issues, our union intends to engage its members for their holistic development and their families in order to improve their financial wellbeing, raise their social status and prepare them for future by skilling, reskilling and career counselling to their children.