Union Team

Rakesh Agarwal


A social entrepreneur and a social activist, Rakesh considers himself to be a strategist who truly thinks out of the box and comes up with solutions that nobody would have thought even possible. He has been working in the midst of auto and taxi drivers since 2002.

Anuj Kumar Rathore

Vice President

Popularly known as Anna, Anuj is a veteran leader of autos and taxis who has been engaging with the government in both friendly and adversarial manners over the years. He is a key point in networking with other union leaders in the cities of National Capital Region.


Farhan Khan​


Farhan is a social worker and activist, mainly on issues dealing with child and women development. He has made effective use of RTI and other legal tools in order to set the accountability of government personnel and make them perform as expected of them.



Executive Member​

Nandu came in contact with us in 2012 when papers in his name were fraudulently used by a  financier to buy an auto and sell it in the grey market in his name. He fought a long and hard battle with our assistance and finally secured the vehicle for himself without any payment.


Jabpur Singh Rana​

Executive Member​

At nearly 70, he gets mistaken for a government officer. One can often find him at Burari, transport department’s campus in Delhi, helping drivers with their official work and smoothening things for officials and citizens alike at Burari.



Avdhesh Kumar​

Executive Member​

Avdhesh is a social worker and the president of his local Residents Welfare Association. He is an external member of the union and responsible for logistics and sundry other tasks relating to management of events and press conferences.



Hari Prakash​

Executive Member​

He is a driver of autorickshaw as well as local head of a group of autorickshaw drivers. We hear  from him when we need to check the quickly check the driver’s views first hand on an issue.